How Do I Complete The Hot Dog Hat Quest In NBA 2K23?

How Do I Complete The Hot Dog Hat Quest In NBA 2K23?

There are many different missions in The City in NBA 2K23 that we can complete to get some unique items and NBA 2K23 MT. for example when you enter The City you can see some players wearing Hot Dog Hats. so do you want to have one of these hats? Fortunately, we can easily complete the task of getting a Hot Dog Hat.

How to complete the Hot Dog Hat quest?

To get the Hot Dog Hat, we need to complete the Not Your Father’s Hot Dogs quest. Before that, we need to complete “Handle Your Business”, “Control the Narrative” and “Welcome to the League” in that order. After completing these three missions, you will unlock a series of major missions, including one called Not Your Father’s Hot Dogs. The missions end up being fairly short, so if you like surrealistic comedy, you’ll probably enjoy these clips. This is all to allow players to enjoy the career mode in the latest NBA game, especially because these missions are mandatory.

When we get to the Not Your Father’s Hot Dogs mission we need to help Karl, the hot dog vendor, gain more exposure. When you accept this task Karl will give you a Hot Dog Hat and ask you to distribute flyers around the city. After completing the task, players will receive a Hot Dog Hat and other rewards.

These are the ways to get Hot Dog Hat in NBA 2K23. However, since the VC provided in the mission is less than before, many players lost the motivation to complete the mission.