The runescape chat system

I am finding it so hard to chat now and I often send people wrong messages.

– You used to be able to get rid of the need to press enter to chat by minimizing the ability bar. This is no longer the case.

– when you access another window it toggles the ‘press enter to chat’ ability. If it is up and you access another tab, it goes away and if you have pressed enter and the chat is free and you access another tab it goes to the ‘press enter to chat’.

– If I click on a players name in my friends list to message them, it changes to the private chat box only.

– if I message a friend it stays on their name until I press Runescape Gold.

I think I have explained all the annoying differences, if I find more I will add them.

Sorry but I have tried to chat this new way but I just am having so much trouble with it, it really is hard for me to communicate now. I so much prefer the simpler way of chatting without pressing enter and without having to check who or what my chat is on at the time.