Just a few runescape NIS issues

The NIS doesn’t bother me too much, because I can have it set up much like it was pre-RS 3 Gold. However, there are some things that really just irk me.

1. In God Wars Dungeon, the counter box is right in the middle of my screen.
2. When I’m banking, my bank looks transparent and it’s confusing to me because there are multiple transparent boxes stacking. It just doesn’t look right.
3. No way to switch between banking and equipping quickly like there used to be.
4. Can’t click through the chatbox.
5. Can’t have a split chat for private chat.
6. Chat glitch – when a new line is entered, it all scrolls to the middle of the chat box.
7. Ability bar CONSTANTLY doesn’t work. Relogging usually fixes the issue, but it is incredibly inconvenient and doesn’t always work.
8. When private messaging someone, the next message automatically is sent to them, even without re-hitting the TAB key.
9. Equipment tab is completely unorganized as opposed to how the spaces were laid out from head-to-foot like before. It makes it hard to know what you’re wearing where at a quick glance.
10. Glitch with adding/removing friends. I have to type their names in; the right click adding option doesn’t add them to my list. Even with typing the name in, it doesn’t always add them to my list.
11. New graphics make the game laggy.
12. A lot of the settings are difficult to find.
13. No easy way to find the current combat level.
14. When walking, there are glitches where you can’t get past a square. You’re walking and it turns you around when you try to pass it.
15. I zoomed way into my character and I have no idea how to unzoom it.
There are numerous others, but I can’t think of them atm. There are lot of things wrong with Runescape 3 Gold.