Runescape NIS problems dungeoneering

I did c1s today and I came across a few annoying problems. These problems mainly occurred after a floor ended and a new one started.

1. The spot where my inventory interface and party details shared always defaulted on party details even if it ended with my inventory out. I don’t need to know who the hell is in my party if I’m doing 30 floors with them.

2. After a dungeon ends the chat box doesn’t scroll down as it should.

3. For my prayer I have to scroll down to use the ones I want and after a dungeon it automatically scrolls back up.

4. The end interface isn’t a part of the central interface in editing mode and is off center causing my chat screen to shrink.

5. If I am typing a message it is interrupted by the ending interface and when a new floor starts I have to click on the message again to continue typing. Before the update I didn’t have to worry about that.

If I come across any more problems while I am dungeoneering I will post them here.

Also I think the smuggler is off center I didn’t really pay attention if this happened when a new floor started or if he is always like that.

Other problems I have come across while adventuring Gielinor.

1. The farming tools interface cannot be edited through the gameplay HUD editing.