10 Secret COD MW3 Zombies Tips: A Comprehensive Guide

10 Secret COD MW3 Zombies Tips: A Comprehensive Guide

Zombies mode in COD MW3 provides players with a unique gaming experience that many players love. To have a better gaming experience in COD MW3 Zombies, we can have some knowledge before entering it. This article below will provide 10 tips about COD MW3 Zombies that will enhance your gameplay.

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  1. Recognize the Castle Building

The castle building, easily identifiable by the smoke from its roof, is a crucial location. At the top of this building, you’ll find a burial site.

  1. Dismantle Your Weapon

You can dismantle your weapon at the burial site, which will strip it down to its parts. These parts can be used to build your weapon in your next game. However, it’s important to note that this process only sometimes yields top-tier items like a legendary ether tool or a second-degree Pack-A-Punch.

  1. Time Your Dismantling Right

It would help to dismantle your weapon before extracting it from the game. After dismantling, you’ll need to dash, as you won’t have your powerful weapon anymore.

  1. Bring Items into the Next Game

After dismantling your weapon, you can bring the resulting items into your next game. You can apply your ether tool and Pack-A-Punch to any weapon you want to use in your next raid.

  1. Press F to Pay Respects

Pressing F (or the equivalent button on your console) at the burial site is the only reliable way to carry forward an upgraded weapon and a Pack-A-Punched weapon into the next game.

  1. Learn How to Get Perks

There are ways to get every single perk within Zombies for free in every game. Learning these methods can significantly enhance your gameplay.

  1. Play with a Squad

Playing with a squad, especially a pre-made one you can communicate with, can greatly improve your chances of survival and success.

  1. Understand the Map

Understanding the map and the threat levels in different areas can help you plan your strategies and increase your chances of survival.

  1. Use Extraction Points to Level Up Weapons

You can farm an extraction point to level your weapons quickly. Call in the helicopter, kill all the zombies, let the helicopter leave, then call it in again. Repeat this process until your weapon is fully leveled.

  1. Communicate with Your Squad

Communicating with your squad is crucial for coordinating strategies and surviving the zombie onslaught.

Remember, these tips are meant to enhance your MW3 Zombies gameplay. You can also get help from the MW3 boosting team, who will provide us with a camo boost, weekly challenge boost, leveling boost, and more.