Hoping to use old interface

If so, then I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

I’ve seen a lot of people asking if we can have the old Runescape 3 Gold interface added into the new NIS system as a preset, so that players with small screen resolution or those who dislike the new system can use the old one.

Unfortunately, Mod Galcian confirmed last night that they actually got rid of the old system in favour of these “cool features” we have now.

If anybody knows how to view puush links and what to type into your URL bar, add this after the slash (/):


Looks like once again we are faced with an ultimatum: adapt or get off the bus.

Once again our value as players and paying customers does not matter one bit, and once again Jagex does not give a rat’s ass whether or not we liked the old interface better, and that many people find the new interface clunky and obtrusive to game play.

The new interface is really nice and looks great, but for many people it is simply inferior to the old interface that was near perfect and had no problems whatsoever. This new one comes with a laundry list of bugs/glitches, and features that actually make the NIS less convenient and harder to use than the old system (some examples below).

Feel free to discuss below, and try to provide constructive feedback for the new system if you can or an explanation or why . Since it looks like we are stuck with it indefinitely, all we can try and do is tweak it so it is not such a pain in the ass to use.