Runescape 3

I don’t get why the j mods never listen to the players… J mods think they can do whatever to make the game better for them selves but they need to ask the players what they want. The players who played the game for a while will know what they want in the game and what they don’t. Never once do I think the J mods listened to the players. For example everyone said they wanted PRE-Runescape EOC servers and jagex comes out with 07 and that is mostly for people who want to pk or stake there is no bossing on 07. Then they decided to come out with eoc which was a HUGE change to the game no many people wanted it.

But once a lot of players just get use to the eoc update they release this runescape 3 which changed the way everything looked in eoc. I like eoc and enjoy playing it but this new interface is just plain dumb yeah I know I need to get use to it but its really annoying trying to get use to it when the whole game is lagging like crazy and people keep getting disconnected left and right. For once can you listen to the players jagex?Is there anyway you can make a button for the old interface and if people like the new interface they can still play it? Also the new interface the Lifepoints, adrenaline, prayer and summoning bars are hard to read and see. I wish the old interface would come back.

If anyone sees this just post your opinions on what you think I would love to see what everyone has to say about the new interface system