Queen black dragon interface

When killing the queen black dragon the interface that shows the buffs/debufs of the npc is in the way of the hit splats. maybe move the interface under the big Hp bar of the queen black dragon it self, or above the hit splats
Also it seems the click area is smaller?

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Also make it so the camera is zoomed out again while entering the lair, its much harder to navigate to the artifacts, although the battle feels more epic while a big dragon fills up the screen. so i don’t know i i did like it or not, cuz the battle was harder then it was before and i had more fun killing it now :d. so fix it or let the camera be as it is now i don’t really mind.

Also you guys did a good job on the interface,i like it so far, i have some thing that i don’t like but that need some time ti learn.