Hard reset jagex read this

Jagex, read this now.

Runescape 3 Gold is a thirteen year old economy. tons of high level accounts, game already completed; just in it for the endgame.

You’re already re-making the entire game.
It’s time to bring new life into the runescape world.

People already playing, deserve to not have a reset, but tons of new players could be joining a fresh new game!

so what to do?

You offer TWO runescape 3 paths.

with runescape 3, You offer 2 completely seperate game servers.

One game server will be the existing RS2 accounts, with everything transfered over.
AKA the currently existing launch of RS3 in some odd amount of hours.

The other game server, will be a fresh new runescape world…
Offering new players the ability to start in a whole entirely new video game experience.

This would influence the economy of the veteran game as there will be a lower amount of low-med level players that gather or buy low-med level items and resources.

And besides that, the other game will need their own marketplace forum (and monitoring of that), hiscores and grand exchange database.

I think the upcoming seasonal hiscores will be only thing reasonable to implement.