In the flood of suggestions

As many are doing, here are a some ideas i have had for the NIS as-well as a few bugs.
Just a few things that i thought would make a good addition.

underline = most annoying to me
orange = bug/issue
Random crashes with mac client. I have had it quit unexpectedly 4 or 5 times already.Captain’s Log – Runescape Item tile in inventory is badly off centre. (this is a pet peeve, i take this book everywhere).Option to close emote tab. Not an often used tab that can’t be closed.

Option to minimise tabs (or bunches of tabs). example: chat, backpack, minimap.

Opacity setting for bank (separate from other tabs), i find it hard to see with a transparent backing.

Option to pick which quick inventory option to use. e.g. drop/eat/teleport/kills-left.

Remove the right click option to set backpack items to quick inventory spaces. It is too much text on a little box. Could have the items dragged onto the respective position instead.

Equipment tab to have a more traditional layout, with the person in the back with relevant positions of slots.More options to adjust minigame HUD’s. Per minigame, and instead of one square, a few smaller ones would be great. Was attempting pest control with the portal info in the middle of my minimap :S

Bork chat options (with that mage guy) can only be continued via mouse. Also, while viewing the initial cutscene you can watch Bork wonder around the cave now :p
Most if this is just preference
Overall, great work!
Many new things