Players can change between the normal and The Ancient Curses Prayers in Runescape

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Senntisten Temple is a temple found in the Digsite Dungeon under the Digsite and is a part of the quest The Temple at Senntisten. After completing the quest, players can change between the normal and The Ancient Curses Prayers by praying at the Altar of Zaros. The altar also provides a 15% boost to the player’s Prayer level.

The temple was once part of the capital of the Zarosian Empire, Senntisten. After Zamorak banished Zaros, the temple, along with rest of the capital, was overrun by Zamorak forces. The remains of the city were only recently uncovered.

During the quest, an adventurer assisted Azzanadra in retrieving the Frostenhorn, Barrows icon, and the Relic previously stolen from Entrana. With all the relics in place, the temple is restored and Azzanadra can again communicate with Zaros. It seems that the portal links Zaros to Gielinor.

There are several level 22 Skeletons roaming the west chamber of the Temple. Azzanadra explains that Zarosians honour their dead by burying them next to the temple. After Zamorak forces destroyed the temple, the undead naturally roam the area.

There are four ways of getting to the temple:

Use a Digsite pendant;
Use a gnome glider from the Grand Tree to destination Lemanto Andra;
Use the Senntisten Teleport from the Ancient Magicks spellbook;
Walk from Varrock or Al Kharid to the Digsite.

While the temple is being restored, there is one lone workman on the piece of land between the lava pits in the east. You can’t talk to or interact with him in any way.

The symbol on the floor in this temple is not entirely the same as Zaros’ symbol, because the cross in the circle is not tilted. This is quite curious, as this temple is one of the major temples of Zaros, yet it has a strangely different symbol. This also may be a mistake made by jagex. Though it seems unlikely it is still very much possible.

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