Only click the cloud right in front of the player to get out of the clouds in Runescape

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The Gorak Plane is a dimension inhabited only by Goraks. The plane is only accessible through the fairy rings (code DIR). Players can use fairy rings once the Fairytale II – Cure a Queen quest is partially completed, and players visit the Gorak Plane during that quest to retrieve a pair of Gorak claws, an ingredient for Magic essence potions.

The Goraks constantly draw the life essence from any living being they encounter, as well as the world they live on. In doing so, they have effectively trapped themselves on this small plane, leaving what’s left of it noticeably warped. The plane is not a multi-combat area, and there are occasional safe spots along the cloud wall.

The Gorak Plane is a relatively small area, shaped roughly like a doughnut. In the middle is a large number of lumbering goraks, and the fairy ring. When players enter the plane, the Goraks are unaggressive. However, if a player attacks a Gorak while inside the circle it will retaliate. Furthermore, when a player leaves the fairy ring, all Goraks immediately become aggressive and the fairy ring can no longer be used as a ‘safe spot’.

Around the middle is a grey cloud, that can be entered by clicking on it. Note that entrance into the cloud can fail, so it should not be relied on to escape the Goraks if in mortal danger. The outer ring of the plane is a thick cloud, with occasional arcs of electricity visible. Around the outer rim is a thicker cloud. This layer can’t be passed, and if clicked, the player gets disoriented and randomly appears in another part of the ring.

To leave, click on the inner rim of the cloud. It can be difficult to leave the outer ring, so if a cloud doesn’t yield, continue around the circle testing the clouds; eventually a part of the cloud will yield. Be prepared for when the clouds do yield, because all Goraks will immediately become aggressive again when entering the centre.

Note that if the player tries to enter a cloud next to them, they will not enter it, but walk 2 steps in that direction. This glitch has not been fixed; only click the cloud right in front of the player to get out of the clouds.Gorak attacks ignore prayer and hit hard, so be careful when in the Gorak Plane. When Goraks hit, not only do they damage a player’s life points, they also drain a random skill by 1 each time they hit.

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