Bow Scion – Need Help Picking 2nd Ascendancy in PoE

I’m starting act 10 and I need help picking my 2nd ascendancy. I went with deadeye for my first one and im not sure what to pick for the second. I use tornado shot for clearing and barrage on bosses.

poe builds

Im currently using a doomfletch prism and im not sure if I will ever switch to something else. According to POB, I lose massive damage switching to any other unique bow. Im trying to take crit nodes now as crit seems to provide way more DPS than non-crit.


  • Pros : Overleech is great. Culling strike is a nice bonus.
  • Cons : Extra AOE doesnt affect either tornado shot or barrage. No reflected physical damage is meh considering that most of my damage comes from elemental damage anyway.


  • Pros : Extra base critical strike, passive power charge generation is great. Increased move speed helps when clearing.
  • Cons : No reflected damage from crit strikes is pointless since you will still die to reflected damage from the occasional non-crit anyway. 40% chance to poison seems pointless as I have been told you need to go full assassin to make poison damage work.


  • Pros : 20% more elemental damage is great, so is immune to elemental reflect.
  • Cons : 40% increased effect of heralds seems very vauge, i cant tell if it buffs the AOE damage only or also the damage to each hit you do. Being able to summon 1 more golem seems pointless since i am not specced for minions and keeping golems alive seems very hard unless you spec for minions.

I would like to do as many map mods as possible as i hate re-rolling maps. Any suggestions? Do you want to poe currency purchase? If you do, you can visit U4GM to have more guides and methods about this.