Dean Coombes, the winner of FIWC 2015 United Kingdom live qualifier event

The FIWC 2015 United Kingdom live qualifier event is held in Stamford Bridge, home of London giants Chelsea yesterday, which was a big war between eight finalists. FIWC is the biggest video game tourment held by EA Sports, to which you pay your money for FIFA 15 Coins.

After a tough day of knockout matches, 21-year-old Dean Coombes from Liverpool emerged with the UK title, securing his very first ever trip to a FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final! Chelsea defender Cesar Azpilicueta presented Dean with his ticket to the Munich Grand Final before taking the opportunity to test his virtual skills against the new national champion in a friendly match of FIFA 15.

“Honestly I have no words,” Dean told shortly after receiving his Grand Final ticket from Cesar. “Coming here today, I was an underdog. To win the entire event by beating one of the best players in the world in the final. I’m just speechless.”

The day replayed
With three former Grand Finalists among the eight names that would compete at the Bridge, the field of finalists was an intimidating one. Prior to kick-off, eventual winner Coombes had tempered his expectations. “I’m just glad to be here,” he said. “I attempted to qualify in 2011 and 2013 and was unlucky. Just being at this live event will be a good experience.”

Dean Coombes, FIWC

Dean started his day with a solid 2-0 victory over Mustafa Ahmed. In his second match, he took a 2-0 lead before conceding a goal in the second-half. The Liverpool gamer hung on to claim a 2-1 win against Nathan Riches and put himself in the final. Meeting Dean in the final would be David Bytheway – silver-medalist at the FIWC 2014 Grand Final in Rio de Janeiro.

The final
Bytheway defeated two former Grand Finalists to make it into the day’s final match and the FIWC 2014 runner-up seemed the favourite to secure victory. However, after a goalless first-half it looked like a single moment of brilliance or infamy could decide the tightly contested match. It would prove to be the latter when Bytheway conceded a penalty early into the second-half. Coombes held his nerve to convert the penalty and take the lead. The Liverpool gamer maintained his composure for the remainder of the match and successfully held-off Bytheway until the final whistle.

Quarter-final results
Nathan Riches 3-2 Matthew Cross
Mustafa Ahmed 0-2 Dean Coombes
Jack Daniels 1-1 (4-3 on penalties) Tassal Rushan
George Tsirita 1-2 David Bytheway

Semi-final results
Nathan Riches 1-2 Dean Coombes
Jack Daniels 0-1 David Bytheway

Final result
Dean Coombes 1-0 David Bytheway