Quite a good place for players to train their ranged or magic skills in Runescape

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The Hair of the Dog tavern is located in Canifis, south of the town square. Although it isn’t very popular, due to its remote location, players who have completed Priest in Peril can teleport there by entering a Kharyrll portal in a player-owned house or, if they have also completed the Desert Treasure quest, by casting Kharyrll Teleport from the Ancient spellbook.

The tavern has numerous tables throughout the main room and, as such, is quite a good place for players to train their ranged or magic skills. Players are able to stand on the opposite side of a table from a werewolf and attack them from a distance, meaning the werewolves cannot attack them back. Players are also able to attack with melee, but should be aware that using any weapon other than the Wolfbane dagger will cause the humans to change to their werewolf forms. This can be potentially dangerous for lower-levelled players.

The In Search of the Myreque quest can be started here by talking to “stranger” (later called Vanstrom Klause).The pickled brain needed in the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest can be found here.The blood diamond section of the Desert Treasure quest can be started by talking to Malak.

Behind the bar is a trapdoor that leads down into the basement and out through a secret door to some caves and also out into Mort Myre Swamp. It is the start of the shortcut through the swamp to Mort’ton.

A Trapdoor Shortcut in Canifis to Mort’ton – Obtained by training Zachory Bragg to level 99. This shortcut uses the same trapdoor behind the tavern in Canifis. In order to use this shortcut, the option must be toggled on in the character interface by clicking on Zachory Bragg’s level 99 description. The shortcut places the player’s character next to the swamp boat in south-eastern Mort’ton.

The name “Hair of the Dog” is a reference to “Hair of the dog”, a nickname for a type of alcohol that is drunk to reduce the effects of a hangover. There was also also a popular heavy metal song, “Hair of the dog” by the band Nazareth in the 1970s.

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