Many things to discover on the different floors of the Tower in Runescape

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Long ago, the Wizards’ Tower was regarded as the ultimate destination for those who wished to discover magic and its secrets. Its spire reached into the heavens as a sign of its importance and prominence. Then invaders burned it down, and so many of its secrets were lost in embers.

The Wizards’ Tower has been painstakingly rebuilt by the wizard Sedridor and his wizard compatriots, who are looking to recapture the glory days when magic would attract pilgrims from far and wide to discover its secrets. The basement of the old tower was unharmed during the fire long ago, and is a testament to the wonders that wizards long ago discovered.

Sedridor would move mountains to recover those glory days, but he may need some help in doing so. The Wizards’ Tower is ominous by its location, isolated from the rest of the mainland on its own blustery island. The only way to access the Wizards’ Tower is via a long bridge which can be found to the south of Draynor Village and to the west of Lumbridge.

The long bridge makes attacking the Wizards’ Tower incredibly difficult. Because of the way it’s constructed, siege engines would not be able to navigate their way onto it, and battalions would have to file their way toward the castle in narrow ranks, making them easy targets for the Tower’s defences.

There are many things to discover on the different floors of the Wizards’ Tower. For instance, a mysterious wizard on the first floor of the tower, who only goes by the name of ‘Wizard’, will craft you some split-bark armor if you bring him some bark pieces and fine cloth.

Adventurers will be able to further their skills with the help of Sedridor’s teleportation spells. Also, those who want to learn more about Runecrafting, and have a high-enough skill level, will be able to take part in the Great Orb Project, hosted by the Runecrafting Guild.

Wizard Grayzag’s lesser demon is a prime target for practicing Magic and Ranged. A swift Telekinetic Grab will also retrieve any rewards you get for killing it.There is a fairy ring to the south, just outside of the Wizards’ Tower.

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