You will see that some people are shouting open In Runescape

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You will see that some people are shouting open, trade with that person and offer him the 25 essence, he with give you 2000 gold and 25 noted essence. Take the essence to the nearest bank, un-note it, and trade it with another person at the air altar for another 2000g and noted essence. Repeat these steps as much as you want. You will make a ton of money soon.

Mining and selling essence is a slower way of making money but it gives you some mining experience. To begin with complete the rune mysteries quest, Then go to Varrock in any world between 1 and 8. Go to Aubury’s rune shop and have him teleport you to the essence mines, mine the essence until your inventory is full and then store the essence in the north bank.

Repeat these steps until you have 100 essence, take the 100 essence out of your bank and start shouting, the people there are usually desperate to buy essence so you will get some trade offers soon. Never sell your essence for less than 30g each, You can get at least 3000g for every 100 essence you mine.This is a very profitable business but requires some patience and some starting cash.

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