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Runescape goes another week without turning upside down, some interesting looking stuff ahead and I still have my quest cape.One of the most enjoyable buy runescape gold on the market today consists of flying simulation games. These types of video games are some of the actual toughest to create games.  time we’ll be questing to stop Jack Frost from freezing over Runescape.

The reward will include a Santa Suit and an emote where you melt into a pile of human goo. That sounds only mildly better than a Grim Reaper hood, to be honest.There’s a few other things worth mention this week as well, starting with an update to item lending. Jagex changed the system so you can now securely rent out items to other people for a fee no higher than your trade limit.

People were going to do that one way or another, so at least Jagex have taken some steps to make sure it works.Actually, the quest is rather dull and uninteresting; so Jagex isn’t really trying anything new like they implied. The most amusing part about this quest is that it’s set in the wilderness, as though Jagex felt like reminding everybody that it’s impossible to PK any more.

After that, it goes rather downhill. The quest opens with an incredibly annoying puzzle involving using the right emotes, which I only personally succeeded at through blind luck. The whole runescape gold buying process won’t take you more than 5 minutes, I believe with this, you can totally get rid of the annoying waiting.Well, let’s read on to find some other factors that make this website a professional runescape gold here.rather than oiling up on the Karamjan beaches.