The question and answer of Runescape Gold

I’m sure that Jagex put a lot of work in to this, and I’ll give the game the benefit of the doubt by reminding you all that they have only released the first quarter of the game, and I’ll admit that the franticness caught my attention for a few minutes, but it’s not enough to last.Here is your best choice to provide the runescape gold when you need it. We have enough stock to provide 7*24 Service for each runescape player.
Rewards are even more laughable. You begin as a no-rank newbie and must earn a hundred rank points to advance, However, you can only get a maximum of two rank points per game, and since you can sit in the waiting room ,As usual, you begin with a tutorial on the fine art of clicking, and the tutor explains the subtleties of the game.

There are none. He then explains the few other things that you can do. You’ve basically only got one realistic option: order your armies to kick the pants off the other armies. You can choose to purchase contracts for either the light or heavy variety of goblin, elfish, and dwarfish mercenary groups, which are the only three squad types out so far. You can also buy super-weapons for a much steeper price, which can dish out instant and massive damage on both the opposing army and yours.

they would be releasing a mini game that actually required cunning and strategic prowess, which sounds like an echo from their Fist of Guthix sales pitch. MUCH later , Mobilizing Armies has finally been released.  only one of four modes is out, and by golly, we’d better hope they’re better than what we have here. I suggest you prepare enough runescape gold first. As we know, no matter what changes will be made in the game and no matter you are a green hand or a veteran, runescape gold is still essential for playing the game.