How to Respec My Player in NBA 2K21 MyCareer?

NBA 2K21 MyCareer mode allows you to take a player from amateur to professional. But how to do that?

NBA 2K21 ReSpec system allows you to change badge upgrades, pie charts, and other attributes to your player while increasing their stats building them into an NBA superstar.

How to Respec My Player

Here, we explain how to respec my player in NBA 2k21 MyCareer.

Respec Attributes

To ReSpec your player, you will need to access the MyCareer screen and use the MyPlayer builder file that you have. In that option, you can go in and change several attributes of your player. This includes changes to the pie charts you have, the height and body size of your player, your player’s ability to finish, shoot, playmaker, defend, etc. However, if you want to make larger changes to your player, you will likely need to spend more VC just like NBA 2k21 mt, which is another virtual currency in the game.

The attributes that you purchase along the way in NBA 2K21 MyCareer cannot be re-allocated when building a new player. You actually need to just earn more VC to upgrade a new character when you create one. Unfortunately, you cannot respec a My Player completely without having to spend a bunch of VC, but not much of what goes on in MyCareer or My Player is consumer-friendly.

Respec Badges

There is one way that you can totally change up your My Player and that’s through the badges that you’ve earned.

Once you max out your badges you can change them between every game even. But you need to max out the badges first.

Until then you can change and respec your badges only when you have unlocked a new badge.

At that point you will see a plus and minus on the badge, allowing you to add or remove a badge.

If you remove a badge you can assign it somewhere else, which means you can greatly change the way that a specific build plays.

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