Where To Search Fortnite Floating Lightning Bolts

Like other challenges that process you with tracking down specific fortnite items, the Lightning Bolts is often found in many components from the island. They may be quick to spot as soon as you are in their common location, and you collect them merely by holding the use button, as you would to open a chest. The distinction, even so, is the fact that the Lightning Bolts are hovering inside the air, and you can not pick up them even though skydiving or jumping; alternatively, you might want to build a structure and climb up it to be able to reach them, so it can be crucial which you have sufficient components to obtain them.

How to Find Fortnite Floating Lightning Bolts

The Lightning Bolts are often positioned inside the very same areas, and you can find greater than seven scattered about the island, so it really should be straightforward sufficient to complete the challenge after you realize where to discover them. It is possible to also gather the seven you may need across various matches, although any Lightning Bolts that you have picked up will no be obtainable on the map. Listed below are seven areas exactly where we’ve located Lightning Bolts:

  • West of Tomato Town, above a smaller hill
  • West of Wailing Woods, above a modest hill
  • Inside the northwest most corner of Junk Junction
  • Lonely Lodge, directly west on the prime floor of your tall tower
  • Above a home in the northwest corner of Salty Springs
  • Southeast of Shifty Shafts, just north with the bridge
  • Among two huge mountains east/southeast of Haunted Hills

As soon as you have collected all seven and completed the challenge, you’ll earn five Battle Stars, which will go toward ranking up your Season five Battle Pass. In contrast to preceding seasons, all the weekly challenges this time are divided up into two various categories: Totally free (out there to all players) and Battle Pass (offered only to those who’ve bought the pass).How to Find Fortnite Floating Lightning Bolts