Mu Legend Give Fanatic Gamers A More Novel Experience

It can be said that Mu Legend is quite successful, Mu Legend promises to give the gamers a more novel experience than previous Mu gameplay. With five classes, Dark Lord, Blader, War Mage, Whisperer and Emphasizer, gamers are free to choose their own power to save the world. Of course, Mu Legend Zen is required over the course of the gameplay.


In the beginning of the game is NPH’s ingenious lead role with the role-playing of the chosen character when the god Icarus can not suppress the power of Kundun. Icarus sent the selected man to Lorencia in hopes of gaining strength after the time he had accumulated the strength of the gamers who could defeat the evil Kundun bringing peace to the world.

The battle system aspect is another advantage that captures the player’s beliefs when it comes to the world of the Eternal Leader. Although there are only 3 basic occupations, the skill system for each occupation is quite rich, as shown by the mahā-ma masters who have enough skill in ice, wind, thunder, Accumulate accumulation of gas points to use the effective way.

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