Five steps help you make ruenscape videos

Do you  want to keep the memory of you in runescape? Do you want to made the behave of runescape game made ​​into a video? In fact, these are very simple, here is the my experience summary of how to make a video game , I hope this can help you with your runescape , of course, if you have the runescape gold demand, you can also click here


1.Download Fraps. There are also alternatives to Fraps, which include Hypercam among others. both have a free and a paid version.

2.Learn how to use your new recording software by looking on the website, or searching for videos on YouTube.

3.Log in to RuneScape, and record the video part you want.

4.Get an editing software. Most computers come with a free software you can use.(Windows movie maker for PCs and Imovie for Mac’s)

5.Record, edit, and upload!

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