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RuneScape is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game. In game main currency is gold, unfortunately this resource is very hard to get because of price. Many people have contacted us in because of this. Finally we have decided to create this free runescape gold Tool. You can find more informations below.

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Steps:1.At this point you only have to download winrar.You can get this on their official website for free ( Software have included big list of languages so you don’t have to be afraid. Additionally It’s pretty simple to use;2.After you downloaded WinRAR you have to get our tool. You can find it on our website ( If you’re not sure you can take a look at comments section there.Tool have small weight so you will not have any problems with downloading;3.Software have included nice Graphical User Interface so it’s simple to use;4.Now you have to start RuneScape client and wait until it finishes loading;5.Open our Runescape gold Tool and enter your email that you have used in Runescape registration process. Click on connect button and wait few moments;6.If you see message box with this information “Connected successfully” you are ready to go and you can start with next step;7.(Optional) If you want to get more privacy you can set your own proxies. When you set up this properly you can feel safe about your in-game account. To set up this you have to click “Load proxies” button and select file with proxies (you are getting one pack of proxies for free when you’re downloading our application);8.(Optional) Do you have small amount of time for this ? It’s not a problem you can tick a “Fast mode” checkbox and get this all process a lot of faster;9.It’s last step ! You can be happy now 😉 You only have to click “Apply” button and start to spending your gold.

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