It is dedicated to the god Saradomin in Runescape

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The Ardougne Monastery in the kingdom of Kandarin is a building located south of Ardougne Zoo and north of the Fight Arena. It is made up of two two-story towers joined by a single-story foyer. It is dedicated to the god Saradomin.

There are several coal rocks and iron rocks that may be mined near the entrance to the monastery. A bush Farming patch is also located near the entrance.

The Ardougne Monastery is home to Brother Omad, who is the starting point for the Monk’s Friend quest. He also finishes the quest, and the Ardougne Monastery houses the party at the end of it.

The Ardougne Monastery and its grounds are inhabited by several attackable monks. Just like the monks in the Edgeville Monastery, the monks within the Ardougne Monastery do not heal players or themselves, and are hence not very good for training.

The foyer contains two altars. It also contains Brother Omad who, when talked to after the quest, will start a mini-party for the player, with balloons dropped from the ceiling. Balloons can be popped by clicking on them, and popping a balloon is an easy task for the Ardougne Tasks. The Ardougne cape, the main reward of the Ardougne Tasks, has the ability to teleport players directly to the Ardougne Monastery an unlimited number of times.

The east tower contains a spiral staircase to an upstairs room, but it does not seem to contain anything useful on either floor. The west tower’s ground floor contains a stove and a lit candle spawn. A spiral staircase leads up to a small room containing two beds.

To solve a medium Treasure Trails clue, players must kill a monk in or near the Ardougne Monastery to obtain a key that opens a Chest in Varrock.

This is the only monastery/church with more than one altar.Although this is the P2P-only Monastery, the skillcape of prayer is only buyable in the Edgeville Monastery.Imps appear very frequently in this area, as many as three at a time.

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