Castle Wars and Duel Arena Improvements in Runescape

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Look out for more information this week. If you’re already a Gold or Silver Premier Club member you’ll be automatically included, but all other members can also register their interest. We’ll be giving you beta access to the new HTML5 engine, but you’ll be able to use your main character and gain rewards and XP just as you would in the normal game.

You’ll be able to try out the alpha version of the new interface soon after the client beta goes live. This’ll be on separate worlds and game saves, but the changes we have in store are incredibly cool and you’ll definitely want to take a look.Castle Wars continues to be one of your favourite minigames, and we’ve put together a significant upgrade to the way the game looks, feels, and rewards your efforts.
To start with, we’ve completely reworked the environments for both Castle Wars and the Duel Arena, giving them a major makeover on par with our most recent updates.In Castle Wars, we’ve replaced Castle Wars tickets with new silver and gold tickets.

Silver tickets can be spent on consumable items within the shop and are awarded no matter if players win, lose or draw. Gold tickets can be spent on the more sought-after items and are only awarded if players win or draw. You’ll also be able to wear helms in the arena, use altars in the spawn room and wait far less time for the next game due to lobby improvements. We’re also improving the stats of the reward armour sets to give them more of a ‘hybrid’ use, making them much more effective in multi-style combat within Castle Wars.

There’s also a change to the trimmed completionist cape requirements. More info on that soon!For the Duel Arena, we’re reducing the number of visible arenas, but to combat overcrowding there’ll be an instance automatically generated for anyone who can’t get into one of those. It may look like there’s less room, but there’s no way you’ll miss out on your duel!

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