There are also new looks for the warrior in RuneScape

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It’s our biggest equipment rework ever, featuring over 200 visually improved pieces of combat equipment covering a whole range of levels and combat styles for both male and female combatants! If you wear armour or wield a shield while engaging with your enemies, it’s probably being updated:Warriors will see new, unique styles for armour sets all the way from black/white right up to dragon, and including Torva and Bandos armour.

There are also new looks for the warrior, berserker and Neitiznot helms, the barbarian assault fighter’s torso and Varrock platebody.Rangers get studded leather, regular and blessed dragonhide and Armadyl sets, as well as the Robin Hood hat and Ava’s equipment.Mage gear updated includes all mystic robes, enchanted robes, infinity robes of all hues and Zuriel’s set.

We’ve reworked the Void Knight gear and Slayer helmet.As part of our ongoing equipment rework, we’ve really tried to show the difference in defensive quality as the skill requirements rise.

As seen in the Troll Warzone update, each set has an individual style, but it also adds genuine variety to the various trimmed, blessed and minigame-specific gear you’ll encounter while exploring the many facets of the game. Even the god-aligned equipment features its own unique touches, often influenced by your feedback in the forums, and from RuneFest, where we first showcased the amazing images of the improved dragon gear.

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